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04 September 2008 @ 12:11 pm
if anyone cares about when i'm busy/when i'm free here is my schedule for the semester.

monday- work 9-12, class 1240-2, class 6-850, rushing home for one tree hill and the hills
tuesday- class 1020-12, class 5-750
wednesday- work 9-12, class 1240-2, class 6-750
thursday- class 1020-12, class 5-750
friday- work 9-2

weekends off:
sep 20/21- rascal flatts and taylor swift with megan and cari!!
still not sure about what weekends i have off in october b/c i'm switching with a girl so that i can have october 11/12th off for chicago trip
nov 1/2nd- weekend right after halloween
nov 15/16th- free weekend...can visit someone maybe?
nov 29th/30th- thanksgiving
This summer was probably one of my most favorites but it definitely was kind of like harvey two-face! because everything was kind of like night and day!

first off this summer Mike, Steph and LB were gone for either the whole summer or majority which was weird. Would have been nice to have them around more. I also had to work at SBS and was in east lansing for most of the weeks which was kind of boring, since East Lansing is a bit of a ghost town in the summer. Alright but aside from working I ended up doing a lot of sweeeeet things.

high lights-

  • Lugnuts game at the beginning in May...Whiskey Barrel at the beginning of summer too
  • Greek Fest
  • Road House bar with Steph&Jenna
  • up north for memorial day weekend...Club Waz+ mama's reunion, got to hang out at Shan's, and I always love going to Mike's..
  • The Dark Knight opening weekend, in Dayton, and on IMAX! best summer movie everrrr
  • Melish's birthday party/pool day because I love those and I loved the murky sea water we drank
  • NASHVILLE! hell yeah met Taylor Swift again, saw pretty much every single country artist i like perform, road trip, Hendersonville, first real trip without parents pretty much...kicked ass.
  • MACKINAW trip...got a good little music video out of it, and that was a lot of fun. made Viv's dreams come true, and it was a super super nice day when we went.
  • 4th of July..up north. Always fun to go up there.
  • Jon McLauglin concert...he's hot anddd probably the best piano player I'll ever see. got to meet him again and basically had front row for his show.
  • Dayton to visit Steph...got to see where she lived, and hang out in Ohio for a weekend. survived a 4 hour road trip by myself.
  • Manwell's birthday weekend...going to Midland to get Bid, rescuing her from the baby shower, and hitting up the casino 
  • being an avid follower of Nashville Star despite every person on the show being really weak (COffffey, Shawn Mayer, Laura and Sophie, etc etc
So the things that sucked..having to move out and keep my stuff at Jennas for a week and not being able to go home for that week and go up to Mike's cottage, never going to Cedar Pt, anddddd having to take macro econ and online iss, oh yeah..and breaking my laptop aha

overall it was a great summer though :)
31 July 2008 @ 10:11 pm
this summer..amazing weekends. fucking boring weeks 
21 July 2008 @ 03:31 pm
I've been meaning to update for a while but lack the motivation to type in here...seeing as how people that usually talk to me once in a while know what's been going on in my life so I'll keep it short I guess.

i was in Saginaw Sunday through Tuesday morning and then Thursday through now..and i'm going back to east lansing tomorrow morning for work. I've been trying to do fun things this summer and I think I've generally succeeded at making the most of my days off of work.

-Sugarland concert in Chesaning got thunderstorm/rained out. It would have been awesome, and we had a lot of fun prior to the cancellation so that is kind of a bummer. I'm hoping that everyone can go again when it gets rescheduled, but who knows. I downloaded Sugarland's new love on the inside deluxe edition cd for free..no shame.

-Friday Melish Alex and I headed to the Detroit area. we left around 4 and got to St. Clair Shores around 6 for dinner a Izzie's on the Avenue..which is where Sara works now. It was really fun to see where she works. The restaurant was kind of odd, and not what i expected, but i'm still glad i went. After dinner we went to down town Detroit for the concert at the Magic Stick. The Magic Stick is a fun place. it has pool tables, a big dance floor/stage, and an outdoor patio. I'd definitely go back as a 21-year old club hopper if i ever find myself in detroit in 1 year and 52 days haha. The opening act for Jon McLaughlin was a guitar/keyboard player named George Stanford. He was cute, funny and played relaxing and good music. that's pretty much all you can ask for in an opening act. I loved him and definitely bought his cd after his set/took my picture with him. Check him out on myspace, although I will say seeing him live definitely influenced me liking his studio versions of songs. i think he's better live but oh well. Jon's set was extremely impressive, as always. i don't know how he learned to play piano like that but i'm glad he did. I pretty much think the intimacy of club shows like this one are kick ass. He played some new stuff which I appreciated because I wore out his debut album Indiana a long time ago. We all had a lot of fun. I'm happy we decided to go......and of course we hung around after to meet Jon..because he's hot. and nice. and Alex loves the fact that Jon touched his shoulder haha.

-Saturday melissa and i had to drag ourselves out of bed and go to Mackinaw Island with Viv. haha ok we didn't 'have' to do it. but we wanted to. but we were really tired from the concert the night before. Mack was a lot of fun, the time on the Island went by really fast. but the northern part of Michigan is so pretty, and the views from certain parts of the island are awesome. We walked a really long way down this one path which ended up taking us to the coolest view ever. and of course we saw Arch rock, and people making fudge. that island is cool. and it wasn't too bad of a drive either, it's pretty straightforward. so that was another addition to my A+ weekend.

-Sunday i saw the long anticipated The Dark Knight with Melissa and Alex. this movie is so fun and good. Heath's performance really is epic because he really took on the character and transformed himself..mannerisms, facial expressions, and his voice above all else..he really made the character come alive. While watching i wasnt thinking that it was heath, I was just thinking damn this is one scary ass joker haha. i would love to see it again in Imax. and i would also recommend the movie to others that haven't seen it. I would also suggest to rent Batman Begins first and watch that as it explains a lot of the characters backgrounds and history and that movie is also awesome.

alright...now today..i've just been lazy ugh.. family dinner at like 6. ...and i'm planning on watching nashville star at 9pm. not sure if i'll do much else but time goes by so fast when i'm at home.

one thing to make note of- i have a month off for christmas break this year. i know that's still a semester and a month away but damnnnnn that's exciting haha.

07 July 2008 @ 06:05 pm
I'm just laying in my bed in Saginaw..about to go back to East Lansing. I'm not really looking forward to the drive back because I'm tired. My visit home was great. I got a little bit of everything...a wal-mart trip, a birthday pool party for melish with everyone that could make it, fireworks, lunch at olives with vivy and melish, family time up north...so yeah all in all..good time.

couple things from watching CNN--
there were 3 captives that just got rescued and they had been gone for 5 and a half years.......ok.......shit. if you were gone for 5 years with no outside knowledge of the world..how crazy is that!!!! you would have like...NO idea who half the celebs are...you wouldn't know who taylor swift is haha, you'd still think Britney Spears is a huge pop star,...i would have a heart attack after seeing how expensive gas is!!!!! what else...i guess the captives had no idea about the iraq war. that would just be so crazy to miss 5 years of your life like that, not knowing anything that is happening.

second thing- i'm trying to figure out who to vote for..by reading things like TIME, Newsweek, etc and watching CNN a lot....but if anyone ever wants to try to sway me one way or another feel free to talk politics with me..i probably cant add that much but if you think you know something valuable go ahead and post it because i'm interested/curious as to why people are going to lean one way/another.
another question- do you think who you vote for hsould be a personal thing? i know some people are like 'it's personal, you aren't supposed to talk about it." i guess politics can get awkward when talking about them with other people so maybe that is why.

alright.....well i should probably head back soon.......

ps- i love having mondays off of work..today feels like a sunday :)
17 June 2008 @ 03:27 am
"i dreamed of going to Nashville, put my money down and placed my bets..."

So I've been long over due for an update. What better time than 3:30 am right? oh well I don't work or have class tomorrow so maybe I will sleep in a little bit..

so what is new? I've been in East Lansing for the summer. I have a week and a half left of summer classes. I was considering trying to pick up an extra class for 2nd session but I'll probably pass on that idea now. I just need a break from school for a little bit. speaking of school, right now i have no idea what I want to do with my degree after school which makes life kind of exciting. I mean you can do anything right?! I could go to law school, film school, or just work at an ad agency or try to get an internship somewhere else or do public relations. Next summer is a big summer for me as I want to either study abroad or get a cool internship somewhere...which leads me to my next topic....

the road trip was pretty cool because it went from being an idea to a reality so that's always fun to do something you talk about doing. the problem with having big ideas is you need the money to back it..so it as fun to be able to actually do. the performers at the cma fest were all really awesome...some i really didn't care for either way prior but their performances converted me into fans. a special from it airs in september.  I would definitely go back to Nashville again. It kind of made me change my mind about my future plans..I've always wanted to live in L.A. but ya know nothing beats "southern hospitality". people are so much nicer..in kentucky, tennessee, north carolina,... I def. need to visit Los Angeles because i'm sure it's amazing...but for now I guess I don't have a definite plan to move to one specific place after college..we'll just see where things lead i guess....because I would like to be relatively close to some people and I want a great job too.

so yeah, i would love to get an internship next summer..in Nashville, LA or somewhere in North Carolina..shit even Vegas haha. or do study abroad in Rome. it's hard to say what i'd get an internship in. i can see myself loving PR for a record label, or working on film production somewhere in L.A. or being some crazy dork that sits in a room all day thinking of ideas for commercials that rock. we'll see we'll see.

so Melish was my swift companion at the cma fest and we waited in line to meet Taylor. Meeting her for the 2nd time was totally worth it for me. We got to pose with her awesome guitar and CMT award, see her boots up close, and get a flower from her Our Song video. I'm not purposely trying to be lame but I wish everyone could have a chance to meet her because I don't think "celebrities" get any nicer than that. She really just seems like a regular girl who's dreams came true because of hard work and talent....and you can just tell she really does appreciate her fans. She's one of the most positive people I have ever met, and its fun to follow the career of someone that is so extremely nice and down to earth. it's cool to see. can't wait for her new album to come out in the fall and hopefully get to see another swift concert sometime next school year.

Many people seem to be out and about and busy this summer. Two of my main concert peeps- LB and Mike are missing this summer. i consider them both concert peeps bc......haha we like a lot of the same music (#1) and mike and LB are always up to go see someone if they are worth while (#2). but melish is another concert peep that can usually come and I think she is going to see Jon McLaughlin with me in detroit which will be fabulous...

I can't help but wonder, if I was a celebrity and millions of people read my blog, how many would think I sound unintelligent? I bet a ton would. I don't do well with complete sentences. Ellipses are my #1 best friend. I skip around on thoughts. I should work on all of these things and more.

Yesterday I took a bike ride all around town. It was just a great summer night to go everywhere. I rode up to the capitol (capital?) building, went past the lansing lugnut stadium, came back into East Lansing and went all over MSU campus. As much as the school work stresses me out, I enjoy being at MSU for the most part. Going on a ride like that reminds me of how nice it is. The campus is just a great place to be. I think i forget that during the year because it's covered in snow a majority of the time...but when it's nice out, it's really nice.

I am going to be living alone in my studio in 62 days. You know how like little things happen that cause chain reactions? for example...i can list some..if someone didn't break into our house, my dad wouldn't have sent me pepper spray, so i wouldn't have had pepper spray so no one would have thought i was trying to pepper spray their friends a month and a half later. Or....if we never left the football game, we never would have had any confrontations that caused all the problems. so on and so on. there are always the 'what ifs'. 'what if i didn't do that...then everything would be normal.' well what if there is no normal? what if everything that is supposed to happen does. Maybe there is a reason why i'm living alone next year. shoot i'm not going to press my luck but maybe i meet the love of my life that happes to be my studio apartment neighbor next year. or maybe a new friend. or maybe i don't make any friends in the building but learn that i can do a lot of things independently. or maybe the living arrangement is cool and i enjoy it and would have never discovered how awesome it was if i stayed in a hous. or maybe it sucks and it will teach me that nothing is ever going to be perfect so you have to just learn to accept what you get and be thankful for what you have. All I'm saying is i'm sure there is going to be some lesson i learn from all of this, or some reason for why it happened..even if the reason is that 'it's only life' and that is the way it goes sometimes.

alright well it is officially so late that it's early!

but my only real deadline for tomorrow is that im done with my online exam by 3pm. I think I'll be able to handle that. good night/good day.
10 May 2008 @ 09:31 pm
Hmm haven't updated this thing in a while. What is new....

I'm staying in East Lansing this summer. I work Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9-2 and Fridays 10-3, and then I am scheduled every other weekend. It averages out to about 48 hours per pay check, which is fine because I'll be taking 7 credits from May 12th to June 26th. After my summer classes end I might try to find a night shift job at a restaurant or something so I can work more towards the full time end of the spectrum. It'd be a good chance to try to save up some money  maybe and I'll probably be bored in E.L.

The highlights for the summer will probably be Memorial Day Weekend..I have it off and want to go up north! And then of course June 4th-9th for the Nashville road trip! I hope when I'm gone I don't have any online shit to worry about for my online class but I'll obv. bring the laptop just in case. I get paid the day we leave so that'll be good because money has been stressing me out lately! I think it'll be amazing to be financially independent after college haha. I also have the July 5th/6th weekend off and SBS is closed the 4th and I asked for the 3rd off so hopefully that weekend is great as well. On top of all of that, I'd love to maybe visit Chicago for a weekend. My friend that is staying in EL this summer lives there so I told her I want to drive home with her one of the times if she goes home...we'll see.

What else is new ? THis year went by really fast, but I ended up doing well in all of my classes. For the amount of work I put into my 2nd semester classes, I really don't deserve the grades I got haha. Maybe my classes were just kind of jokes this semester but I really didn't have too many stressful study sessions. It was kind of amazing, but I shouldn't get used to it. I think next semester will be hard with accounting, and english classes for my film studies specialization (i got an override into a class i needed whoo hoo).

Enough about school.

My time in Saginaw was definitely shortlived. I am excited to go to my grandma's tomorrow for Mother's Day though and see my family. Thursday night ended up being crazy and so unexpected. It started with just Steph and I at Timber's drinking a beer and ended up being black out at some Country bar in Shields haha. but nights like that are fun I guess. I saw Baby Mama last night and it was funny, but I love Poehler and Fey so naturally i loved the movie. Today I took my mom to see 'What Happens in Vegas' for Mother's Day. That movie was good too. I usually think Kutcher is a douche, but he is kind of cute in the movie and my love-hate relationship with Cameron Diaz was on the love-side so all in all it was good, I'd see both again. I'm jealous that my mom is going to Vegas again on Monday...i love love love it there.

Well it's 25 days away from Nashville time I can't wait!
25 April 2008 @ 02:48 pm
this year went by ridiculously fast.
I guess that's just how life is.
Ummm in retrospect, this year was a lot of things.....
I would have to say I've changed a lot on the inside, but I doubt it's very noticeable to others.
I want to say the change is all good, but some things from this year have definitely made me less trusting.
This year has taught me fully that the future is so unpredictable. I know it's an obvious statement
but I think sometimes people try to plan everything out so well.
and forget that it doesn't always work out the way you picture it.
I think it's rare to find people that will be there for you no matter what.
Luckily, I still think I have a pretty good idea on who those people are in my life.

I think it's hard for people to understand everything I went through. And I'm sorry if that has caused people to feel awkward or not know how to act. I want to pretend that I'm so fine and so over everything, but I don't think it's something you can just get over when you still have to be around it. It takes time to realize everything has changed and be okay with it. I know things aren't meant to last forever. I just thought friendships kind of faded, and this time it didn't. It was more like...abrupt? It's hard when one person seems so okay about it while you are left in the dust wondering how everything got so bad/wishing they would care.

On the ridiculously bright side, I still believe in things and people. And I wouldn't write this year off as a total failure by any means. I had a lot of fun doing various things and spending time with sweet people. It's funny how people seem to pop up into your life right when you need them the most. Sara was such a great friend to me this year as well as other people I met at work. I think I'll be just fine next year, really. I know I probably sound like I'm trying to convince myself.

I'm going to live in the moment, right. Isn't that what we are supposed to do. If something great happens next year, then great. If something bad happens, I'll deal with it. Days have been going by too fast to spend time worrying.
07 April 2008 @ 12:55 am
this will all make perfect sense one day
this could be the best thing
and the worst thing
that's ever happened to me

kind of bumming tonight....i'll get over it.
Place in this world&
The Outside.

Umm....so I want to finalize our plans for Nashville. can't waitttttt
30 March 2008 @ 01:09 am
"Stay" by Sugarland is such a good song.

hmm...Mike and I got kicked out of the library tonight haha well not really. but who knew it closed at midnight on Saturdays?! not me. guess i'll be back tomorrow.

I have not had a lot of time for ONTD lately.
or a lot of other things.
I guess I need to work on time management.
I got electrocuted at the library today...sweeeet.

Does anyone even use LJ anymore haha